april inspiration – 5 things

Five books, posts, films, songs, or creatives giving me the kick I need to work hard and keep going this month.


I first started watching Rowena’s videos about her thrifting tips after a friend’s recommendation, which were on their own super helpful and clever, but it was her other content that I really started loving. She’s refreshingly honest about her goals and dreams, and ridiculously wise for a twenty-something.
I feel like she’s perfectly summing up the struggle that comes along with getting any creative project off the ground, and a lot of the self-doubt and external issues that can derail your plans. I love how real her videos are, all about hard work, self-improvement and a healthy sense of self-belief.
Her last video suggests she’ll be leaving her personal channel to work on a new project, so I’m super excited to see what that is, but equally sad if that means less of her amazing videos.

Rowena’s channel >


Have you seen this stunning little publication?! Freaking gorgeous. The photography alone is enough to get my mind moving, flicking through on a rainy day, but don’t disregard the wordy parts. Adventures, travel, interesting people, all done in very well put together outfits. Everything feels very crisp and unpretentious, something a lot of artsy publications can’t really pull off (maybe they’re just not meant to be).
It’s a UK magazine, so you might have trouble finding a copy locally, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised that my local newsagency carries them most of the time.

Buy directly from the Bedboat shop.


Inspiring more in its aesthetic than the storyline (not that I’m dissing the storyline – I’m in love), the LA vibes and Mickey’s grungy outfits have kept me going even while the temperature starts to drop here on the west coast of Australia. Never in my life have I so badly wanted to wear high waisted jeans and a red one piece swimsuit.
Special mention to her leather mini skirt, borrowed t-shirts and lace bralets under muscle tees.
The relatability of the characters is a little surprising, and the story is clever and relevant, but I watch it over again for the snapshots of different neighbourhoods around LA, the humour, the soundtrack and obviously, the outfits. Season 2 just came out and I finished it over a single rainy weekend.


future iconic.


As I’m planning a trip to NYC for September, I’ve been planning and researching feverishly for a couple months now, and bought quite a few (possibly unnecessary) travel guides and books about getting around, seeing and doing, all the things. Monocle guides are super attractive, hardback and pretty as hell, as well as filled with interesting places and handy tips. Each blurb feels like a good amount of knowledge and description, and the design layout is lovely.

Monocle’s shop >


I don’t think I’ve ever been so entranced at a gig as I was at one Lucy Peach was supporting at the Bird in Perth recently. A friend had introduced me to her songs after she attended her Fringe show, which was, naturally, about periods. Her voice is like warm honey, and her songs are a perfect mix of sweet, dark and haunting. The lyrics are stunning and heartfelt.
I’ve had her Silver Tongue EP on repeat whilst working lately, and it’s nothing but good, lovely things.

Lucy Peach on Facebook >


Let me know what’s inspiring you this month. Or just let me know if you wanna talk about Love, because I’m totally down.

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