BASECAMP – the ordinary

BASECAMP is a review series where the same product or product line is reviewed by two different people with different skincare needs, so hopefully almost anyone can pick up a few helpful tips for their own skin. We try to pick super relevant (read: you’ve probably heard about it), accessible and generally affordable skincare products to test out, so naturally, our first pick would be the ridiculously popular and crazy well-priced The Ordinary. 

While they have a huge range, we thought we’d start off with the stuff that is already available and accessible (at least in Australia), which is their base line skincare, priced generally between $9-$20. Lots of the range is kind of mysterious and vague, and it doesn’t really tell you what to do with it, so research is definitely needed when it comes to what you should use and where to put it.


Hi, hello, welcome to a new series from ya gals that mainly is an excuse for us to spend money on new skincare and then talk about it! The beautiful little doodles are done by the magical Mik, who is best found on Insta (@filmofaustralia) posting pretty, moody shots. I did an interview with her a few weeks ago, which you can check out here.

Thanks for reading! Let us know your experience with The Ordinary down below so that we can have a yarn about it later. Also, if you have any particular products you’d like us to try, that would be a cool thing to tell us as well. This is definitely our first time writing about skincare, so if there’s something important that we didn’t do… well yeah, that’s another thing you could say.

hope you like 🙂



EM basecamp2

skin type I’d describe my skin type as annoying. Changes its mind a lot. As soon as I find something that seems to work, my skin decides it wants to do something else for a while. Generally, when I can nail it down, it’s combination with an oily T-zone, and redness around my cheeks, close to my nose, and the occasional breakout along my jaw or chin.

normally I use a combination of Origins and Nivea, and change it up pretty frequently between products. In the past I’ve used everything from Lush to Ella Bache.
*Consistency not my strong suit.
**Sometimes I forget to take my make up off before bed.

I bought Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA.
The first one is meant to be blemish reducing, and the other is a pretty standard moisturizer that appears to be for most skin types. I kept it to a minimum this time, as I’m pretty sceptical of something so cheap yet so nicely packaged.

MIK basecamp3

skin type My skin is super sensitive. Dry as hell in the summer, so it’s too hot for me to put a heavy moisturiser on in the day without it sliding off my face, and oily in the winter. I thankfully get minimal acne breakouts, but my nose and cheeks get blackheads easily. I have a lot of scarring from my teenage years of squeezing a pimple to death which I’m hoping to lighten.

normally I stick to cruelty free, natural, throw-some-fresh-clay-in-there, skin care. Trying to switch it up every so often whilst sticking to a somewhat inexpensive routine.

I bought the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG to target my puffy hayfever eyes, which I follow with Hydraluronic Acid 2% + B5 to use as a serum twice daily before moisturising with the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA for surface hydration. For exfoliation every so often (3-4 times weekly in the evening) I brought the Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% which is advertised as helping to reduce inflammation.

RESULTS basecamp5


I actually noticed a slight difference in the overall “smoothness” of my skin after I first used the Niacinamide/Zinc serum. I used it directly after cleansing, and I felt like it noticeably reduced the redness along my cheeks almost straight away as well.
I did find that I couldn’t use it morning and night, as suggested, because my skin just felt too tight and dry afterwards.
The moisturizer has been great, I use it right after the serum and it’s non-greasy and light while still making my skin fell nice and supple. I do notice, however, that my foundation and CC cream, whichever I use, seems to sort of “ball up” over the moisturiser afterwards, and not blend as well.
Still, overall, I like the effect it has had on my skin and it’s really improving problem areas gradually.

MIK basecamp4

The overall appearance of my skin has balanced out, no more over oily days or flaky nose instead my skin is soft and blemish free. I leave the Lactic Acid on over night instead of washing it off, there aren’t any instructions on how to use this online but so far there’s no dramatic difference. Same goes for the Caffeine Solution.


Buy again, definitely want to try the other things!

For sure. It’s super affordable and does the trick.