girls girls girls – volume three

volume 3 – Bec Price – artist, actress, performing arts queen

girls girls girls is an ongoing interview series, where I get my favourite female creatives, currently doing their thing, to answer the same overly simple twelve questions. Bloggers, writers, artists, photographers, performance makers, musicians – the aim is to get a diverse collection of all levels of experience and field, and show off a little of their work at the same time.

I’m back! It’s been a little while. I think this is my favourite one yet. If you’d like to check out the show Bec mentions a little later in the post, keep an eye out for the details on and I’ll update here once the season is a little closer. 


1. What do you do?

I make art I guess?? Theatre, videos, paintings, events. Gimme anything creative.

2. What’s something that inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

I was always really in to the senses. Creating experiences that are not just watched and heard but smelled, tasted, felt. Changing the aircon level so audiences are shivering while they smell citrus in the air and are listening to Beethoven. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Who knows but it’s cool, that is for sure.


3. What’s something that has inspired you recently?

I always think about this show that I watched when I was a bit younger. It was called ‘Raoul’ by this amazing swiss dude, James Thierre. It was a one man show and there was no language, he just made a lot of animal sounds and ran around like an animal. But the story made so much sense and I have never loved something so much. Just showed how irrelevant the english language is. Everything can be communicated through body language and sounds. Soooo sickkk.


4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Berlin. I am obsessed with German history and the art and culture is LIT.

5. Where did you grow up and what was it like?


I grew up in Perth in this house that my grandpa built. It was really weird structurally, like he just threw a bunch of materials together, but it was beautiful. And I would say I had a really good childhood, my parents split when I was 10 and after that I was constantly moving around. I think we rented 8 houses in 2 years.

6. Who do you look up to, and why?


Basically any woman who has big self-love, is sexy and shows it off. I’m always inspired by cabaret/ burlesque women or singers and dances who show off their bodies and their talents but for themselves. No care about boys, or photographers or any one else in the audience or in their lives. They just do things for themselves and exude love. I aspire to be like that.


7. What are you listening to lately?

Been listening to a lot of George Maple and Sampa the Great, both boss ass babeZ. Sanders Bohlke is a cool guy with beautiful music that I’ve started listening to before I go to sleep. Real pretty.


8. When, where or how are you happiest?

Family dinners always make me really happy. And anywhere with music. Festivals, house parties and warehouse gigs; places where there a big open spaces and really loud music where you can literally just dance for hours. Like I said before, I love the senses, so lights, sounds, smoke, heat – and daaaaancing.


9. Why do you do what you do?

I want to make people happy and give them experiences to remember. It’s really easy to just go in to autopilot in your lives and then you wake up and you’re 40 and sad. Experiences that remind us life is exciting and beautiful and sublime. This is what I hope to do.


10. What makes it hard?

The art industry is extremely difficult to make a living with, I studied Law and Philosophy for a year and wanted to be a lawyer because I knew this would set me up financially, but then chose the artist path. I guess it’s just hard being afraid of your future, I want to have the big family and comfortable life that performing arts doesn’t have a good track record for.


11. What makes it easy?

I’m doing what makes me happy, and as hard as it is to get the “finance and sustainability” thoughts out of your head, you just have to. I get to be creative and make dumb art things and devise with some of my best friends every single day. That makes it easy.


12. Where can we find you?

I am just about to graduate from my last year at WAAPA. Our final show that myself and the group have been working on for 6 months is showing at the Blue Room in August. It’s under a season called ‘Tilt’ and its about a man- Vincent Park- who decides to write a book about the truth of the world as he sees it. Very subjective, very fun. I also have a creative company- House of Habitat- where we make a bunch of content whether it be videos or visual art etc. We are currently taking time off until WAAPA is finished but this is going to be a real exciting project in 2018.


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