My name is Em, I’m 20 years old and live in mostly-sunny Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated capital city in the world. Here we have very nice coffee (unless you ask someone from Melbourne), the best beaches, and no chance of ever buying a home because the Baby Boomers ruined the housing market for us a few years back.

I’m about 2 years deep in an engineering degree, but several small yet terrifying existential crises have made me stop and think about what I actually like doing, and what I want to end up doing for the rest of my life (spoiler: was not engineering). I’ve always been a bit better at writing and creative sorts of things anyway, so I’m going to spend some time just doing that for a bit and see how I come out the other end. I figure at least this option puts me in debt slightly less quickly than a uni degree.

I grew up in the US, and would love to move back to California one day as I’m pretty sure nothing could ever make me happier. Having traveled a lot as a child, a lot of my life now involves traveling and exploring, new places and new people. A lot of my posts here will probably reflect that. My background, beyond engineering is in music and the arts, and this will heavily influence my content also.

I started this blog because I like talking about things, and I like talking to people about these things specifically, and it seemed like a good way to go. If you’d like to chat, please get in contact with me either over my instagram or directly through the contact form on this blog! It is nice when the people talk back, of course. I’m likely to respond promptly (what else am I realistically going to do? I just left engineering school).

Thanks for making it this far!


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