BASECAMP – the ordinary

BASECAMP is a review series where the same product or product line is reviewed by two different people with different skincare needs, so hopefully almost anyone can pick up a few helpful tips for their own skin. We try to pick super relevant (read: you’ve probably heard about it), accessible and generally affordable skincare products to test out, so naturally, our first pick would be the ridiculously popular and crazy well-priced The Ordinary.  Continue reading “BASECAMP – the ordinary”

he’s mean because he likes you – and other things I won’t be telling my little sister

I’d like to note that I don’t recall my mum, my aunty or my nan ever saying these sorts of things to me growing up, but I definitely heard them over and over, from teachers, to family friends, to mums of friends, to just “older girls”. I’d like to think I never took it to heart, but it’s hard to say I was never influenced at all by them. It wasn’t until I was a little older that it even occurred to me that I, Emily, could be good enough at math to be an engineer, or that I could find mechanics interesting.

These are gross and ridiculous things to say, and gross and ridiculous things to hear, but if you have lady parts, chances are you’ve heard them before. They seem to be going away at a much slower rate than I would like (not really surprising, considering the sort of 2017 women have had), so it’s something that I want to make sure my little sister can combat as she grows up. That’s all. Chuck me your thoughts in case there’s any particular phrases I’ve missed. Continue reading “he’s mean because he likes you – and other things I won’t be telling my little sister”

anxiety part II – anxiety & caffeine (hoo boy)

anxiety part II (read part I here)

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anxiety x caffeine

There’s more and more awareness lately about how much our physical health affects our mental health, and the ways that what we put into our body can affect our mindset. These things can definitely vary from person to person depending on your dietary needs, but caffeine, as well as many other things (from dairy to alcohol) can have an affect on anyone’s mood and general wellbeing. Continue reading “anxiety part II – anxiety & caffeine (hoo boy)”

anxiety part I – 5 ways to take care of yourself when you don’t feel like it


Obviously anxiety is a super intense and awful thing that everyone experiences and deals with differently. I would probably never ever tell someone how to deal with theirs, because I would never feel anxiety the way that they do! But I would easily share things I’d learned or picked up and tried that helped me feel a little more OK, just in case some of those little things worked for them, too.

Continue reading “anxiety part I – 5 ways to take care of yourself when you don’t feel like it”